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Phoen1x: A life in music

Phoen1x, the artist formerly known as Peter J, has been making music since he was twelve years old. "I got my first guitar for Christmas that year," he remembers. "By Christmas evening I had figured out my first Peter, Paul and Mary song." Within a year he had written his first original song, "Borderline," and has gone on to pen over five hundred tunes. "I consider myself primarily a songwriter," he continues. "I play guitar and keyboards to support that purpose. Songwriting and recording those efforts are the central ambition of my life. I mostly like to tell stories in song. These often escalate into rock operas or as I like to call them, rock dramas. Less frequently I write social commentary. Once in a while I will write a love song."

Phoen1x: music progressive, future expressive

Even from his early acoustic days, Phoen1x was a progressive songwriter. He could easily write twenty minute long tunes with key signature changes. By the time of his first album with Vertical Alignment, he was firmly entrenched in the progressive rock genre. "'Signposts' was an album where I really stretched my musical legs," he recalls. "With the help of a number of pro musicians, I believe it was a landmark release."

Phoen1x now expands into the future as he prepares a series of releases. "Immaterial Witness" will be the first followed by "Dreams." Both will contain long and progressive songs but "Dreams" will be truly epic. The album will include "Horizon's Dream," a twenty-five minute long look at yesterday and tomorrow. Both albums will be out in 2019.

Phoen1x Team

Also appearing: Bill Rebsamen-keyboards, Doug Bowers-keyboards, Mark Thompson-guitar, Chuck Tidwell-guitar, Greg Wollan-guitar, Deron Freeman-trumpet.


Immaterial Witness

01) Immaterial Witness
02) Dreamer Awaken
03) Sunrise
04) Home of the Brave
05) Small Charade
06) Legend of Brick House
07) The Opera
08) Song of Life (Phyl's Song)
09) Tomorrows
10) Angels

cover art by Bill Rebsamen
...coming in December 2019


01) It Was All In a Dream
02) Horizon's Dream
03) The Tenant

...coming in July 2020


"Sunrise" by Phoen1x featuring launch of Space Shuttle Discovery

"Small Charade" by Phoen1x featuring Joe Deninzon

"Song of Life (Phyl's Song)" by Phoen1x written for Phyl Bowers


Coming soon!

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