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Phoen1x: about us

We are a group of gentlemen making extraordinary progressive music in a time to be found...

Phoen1x is a progressive rock band based in Atlanta GA, the home of group founder and leader Phoen1x, the artist formerly known as Peter J. The band presents songs that are both epic and emotional in ways that are complex yet accessible using the style of both classic and modern prog bands. They are influenced by such great groups as Genesis, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Kansas, Marillion, Glass Hammer, Pink Floyd, The Who and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. All of that combines into a sound that is totally unique and individual.

Phoen1x is fronted by talented singer Jake Livgren who began recording in the studio years ago with his uncle, Kerry Livgren of the band Kansas. He sang on several of Kerry Livgren's solo projects while honing his performing and writing skills. He founded his own bands in that time including Jabberwockie who opened for Kansas. He continued to work with Kerry Livgren on the Kansas album "Somewhere to Elsewhere" and on three Proto-Kaw albums. In the years following Proto-Kaw, Jake's work has appeared on projects with names like Mike Portnoy, Robert Berry, Kevin Max, Steve Morse, Steve Walsh, John Wetton, Phil Keaggy, David Pack, and many more. In 2019, Jake was recruited to be a live and studio performer on Neal Morse's Jesus Christ: The Exorcist project, appearing as Peter and Caiaphas.

Seth Trotman is the able bass player for the band Phoen1x. Trotman has been playing bass weekly in his church band for the last fourteen years. He is influenced by the bass work of such artists as Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, John Myung and Eddie Jackson. His first band was Requiem in which he played with Phoen1x bandmate Michael Adams. He now plays with his band Not featuring his wife and seven children.

Michael Adams is a classically trained percussionist and the drummer for Phoen1x. He has played with bands such as Misfit Toys, Requiem, and Sugar Lime Blue. He is also an original member of the band Vertical Alignment, appearing on "Signposts," their first album and more recently on "The Trail of Tears Suite". He records parts in his studio in Acworth GA.

Phoen1x the artist anchors the sound of the band with keyboards, electric and acoustic guitar, Cherokee flute and other odd instruments. He also sings backing and occasionally lead vocals. He is influenced by many great prog keyboard players like Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Tony Banks. His guitar influences are wide ranging from Steve Howe and Steven Rothery to Michael Hedges and Tommy Emmanuel. He is the songwriter of the group and cites Joni Mitchell as a main songwriting influence. He grew up listening to Romantic era Classical music and later moved on to progressive rock, playing with groups such as Tabernacle and Ground Zero before forming Vertical Alignment and later Phoen1x. Working from his home studio in Atlanta, he sketches out the main instrument and vocal parts, and adds the contributions of the other members and guest artists.

Phoen1x the artist and band is signed with Melodic Revolution Records and enjoys a great relationship with the label. Phoen1x looks forward to a long and fruitful affiliation with MRR.

Phoen1x: the band

Phoenix began as a web collaboration between Michael Adams and Phoen1x the artist. Seth Trotman later joined in along with Jake Livgren as lead vocalist.

Jake Livgren

Lead and Back Vocals, Saxophone

Seth Trotman


Michael Adams

Percussion and Drums


Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Cherokee Flute

Phoen1x: Guest Artists

Meet the array of guest artists who join Phoen1x in their coming releases.

Bill Rebsamen


Deron Freeman


Kev Rowland


Jaymi Millard


Mike FitzPatrick

Lead Vocals

Mark Thompson

Lead Guitar

Erikson Silva

Lead Guitar

Joe Deninzon

Vocals, Electric Violin (Viper)

Lyda Livgren

Back Vocals

Chuck Tidwell

Lead Guitar

Greg Wollan

12 String Guitar

Ralph Otteson


Mike Florio

Lead Vocals

Bill Coan

Vocals, Bass


Completed and upcoming recordings of Phoen1x the band.

Immaterial Witness

01) Immaterial Witness
02) Dreamer Awaken
03) Sunrise
04) Home of the Brave
05) Small Charade
06) Legend of Brick House
07) The Opera
08) Song of Life (Phyl's Song)
09) Tomorrows
10) Angels

cover art by Bill Rebsamen
...coming on October 9, 2020


01) It Was All In a Dream
02) Horizon's Dream
03) The Tenant
04) Dreams

...coming in July 2021

Other releases coming soon:

Joseph's Dream, The Trail of Tears Suite II, Blade, Dimension, Solara, Wayfarer's Saga, Hidden Paths, Always Another Way, more...

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